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Aubree Brown

Transformational Life Coach

Boulder, Colorado  -  Virtual & In-Person

Discover who you are. Decide where you want to go.

Ladies, welcome to the start of your

personal transformation.



Whether this is the first step in your journey or feels like your final straw, I am glad you made it.

Since you found your way here, there are probably things in your life that you want to change:

Perhaps you've always done what you're 'supposed to',

and you're tired of living for everyone else.

Perhaps graduation and adulthood are fast approaching,

and you feel afraid, uncertain, & indecisive about the future.

Perhaps you are dying to discover your passion & purpose...

but lack the courage, clarity and confidence to do it alone.


As a Certified Transformational Coach, I help 

 women in college navigate the challenges of early adulthood,

while discovering who they are & where they want to go.


What does that mean?


It means getting real about who you are & setting aside who you "should" be.


It means working with your greatest fears, rather than suppressing them.


It means growing through challenges, not just getting through them.


It means getting clear on your path forward, one step at a time.



Questions we explore include:

What do you really want out of life?

Who do you truly want to be?

What are your wildest and most far out dreams?

And what has kept you from going after them?

Through our work you will gain deep insights around these questions,

as well as the confidence, direction, and accountability to carry them out.




Transformational Coaching is an ongoing process of gentle honesty, acceptance, & compassion.

It is a journey through issues and challenging emotions, not around them.

If that sounds a teensy bit scary... that's because it can be.

Transformational Coaching is an act of courage; 

showing up for yourself and your dreams, even when it's uncomfortable.

All of this may be out of your comfort zone-- or it may be in your wheelhouse.


Either way, by the end of our work together you will have developed the calm, clarity & confidence

you need to create the life you want.

I am so excited to guide, support, and encourage you

every step of the way.


Coaching Offerings

Free Sample Session

Test the waters.

This 30 minute call is a chance for us to make sure that my coaching is the right fit for you. It's also an opportunity to ask any questions about me and coaching.

Discovery Session

Dive in & dig deep.

This 1 hour 15 minute session is the beginning of your coaching journey, allowing us to form the basis of our coaching relationship. This is a chance to explore where you've been & where you want to go.

College with Purpose Package

Find yourself.

Pursue your purpose.


Develop confidence and clarity on your life path. Over 12 weekly sessions, we will gently shift the patterns that have held you back & kept you stuck. Through somatic & spiritual exercises you will discover who you really are and decide where you want to go. Not to mention, help you get there.

Coaching Session

Ongoing support to
sustain your change.

These one-off 50-minute coaching sessions will provide you with the extra support you need to sustain the changes you create in the College Completion Package. Commit to who you want to be, and come back for a tune-up whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, ongoing relationship that helps you to embrace your deepest challenges and step into your best self. Through collaborative exercises and deep inquiry, you can move into alignment with your body, mind, and spirit. Honoring wholeness, I help clients connect with their inner wisdom to intentionally design a balanced, fulfilling life.

What is the difference between coaching & therapy?

Both coaching & therapy are impactful & healing, but in very different ways.

 Though it depends on the practitioner, in general, coaching is more:

  • Present & Future-Focused: Though we do sometimes look backward, our focus is primarily on this moment & the future.

  • And Goal-Oriented: We find actions at the end of each session to actively support you in achieving your goals.

In contrast, therapy works at a different pace and is often focused on the past, looking back at past traumas. It is important to note that in my practice I do not work with clients actively struggling with significant trauma or mental illness, unless they are also working with a licensed mental health professional. I am happy to give recommendations, if needed.


How long are sessions?

After the Free Sample Session and Discovery Session,

all coaching sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length.

How often are sessions?

Weekly or every other week typically works best,

though we can negotiate based on your needs and schedule.

Where can I receive coaching?

I coach clients both virtually and in-person.

VIRTUAL CLIENTS can be coached over the phone from anywhere in the world.

IN-PERSON CLIENTS are coached at Holobeing Healing Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado: 

3008 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80304.

I'd like to start coaching together. What are the next steps?

Congratulations on making this decision for yourself. I can't wait to connect and get started.

Click the button below to schedule a Free Sample Session or a Discovery Session.


Hi there! I'm Aubree.


I'm a Certified Transformational Coach who helps young women grow through the trials & transitions of early adulthood, in college and beyond.

Believe me, I've been there-- I am thoroughly acquainted with the overwhelm that comes with:

  • Paralyzing pressure about "the future"

  • Making huge, life-changing decisions you don't feel prepared for

  • Feeling aimless and lost when everyone else seems their shit together

  • Fear of missing the "right" opportunities, or choosing the "wrong" ones

  • Fear of disappointing others, or yourself

  • Not knowing much about who you are or what you want

  • Feeling like you need to figure all it out very fast

  • Fear of jumping, fear of falling, fear of fucking up (or FOFU, as I like to call it).

It's a lot, and it's hard. You're not making it up! This phase of life is a tough-y. I have been there, and many others have been too. 


But my question to you is this:

Why do we have to do it all alone?

It wasn't until my 20's that I met someone who made me realize that I didn't have to, and my life dramatically changed thereafter. At 20 I began working with a somatic & spiritual coach who showed me my passion & purpose; who led me home to myself; and who made me realize my authentic beauty, power, & wisdom. For most of my life prior I had just been making it through, enduring. But through our years of work together I found myself, my voice, & my mission to help other young women do the same. Now, years later, I feel lucky to use the skills I gained through her mentorship, as well as those learned through my coaching certification, and additional trainings (listed below) to help young women find themselves & create fulfilling and inspired lives.

Whoever and wherever you are, I could not be more excited to connect, virtually or in-person. Schedule a free sample session today.


Credentials & Training

  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Coaching for Transformation 9-Month Certification, Leadership That Works
  • Somatic Soul-Based Trauma Training & Mentorship, Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute *
  • 1-Year Shamanic Apprenticeship, Wolfheals Shamanic Services *
  • Introduction to Essential Shamanism, Julie M. Kramer (twice completed)
  • Power of Embodied Transformation, The Strozzi Institute & Coaches Rising
  • Spirit Reiki Level One & Level Two, Dreamtime Healings
  • Parts Work: Relationships with Protectors & Healing Child Parts, Leadership That Works *
  • Introduction to Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology, Hakomi Southwest
  • Hakomi Method Essentials, The Shift Network *
  • Trauma & Attachment Summit, ISC International
  • 10 years of personal study as client and unabashed self-help enthusiast
      *  =  Currently Enrolled


"I have been working with Aubree for a few months now. She is not simply a "coach" but an attentive ear, source of reflection, and helpful instigator as I evaluate, reconnect, and reconstruct my dreams and aspirations. I'm grateful to have her assistance as I seek out new paths for my life that are purposeful and fulfilling."


"I highly recommend Aubree as a transformational coach! Her presence and intuition, combined with powerful questioning helped me bring clarity and alignment in my being as well as my actions. Thank you Aubree."

- ISABELLE L., life coach in QUEBEC

"Aubree is a deeply intuitive and intelligent coach. She  walks side-by-side with clients with a perfect balance of compassion, curiosity and accountability."

- MARY K., expert coach and instructor in HAWAII


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