Virtual Life Coaching for Young Spiritual Seekers + Sensitives

Step off the beaten path. Create a life less ordinary.



The fact that you're here means that something is already changing for you:

Maybe you feel uncertain about your life path. You don’t know what’s next for you, spiritually or literally--

and you're ready to find out.

Maybe you feel called to step off the beaten path, or pave a path of your own... but you're nervous

about what might happen & how people will react if you do.

Maybe you’re drop-dead tired of conforming & pretending to be something you're not (i.e. "normal")...

but you’ve done it for so long that it’s hard to break the habits by yourself.

If that sounds like you, then let's explore:

Who are you?  When no one is looking, when everything falls away?

Who are you becoming?  Who do you want to be? What is emerging for you?

How could you bring your full power, your full SELF to:

your life

your career

your relationships

& your spiritual life & practice(s).

A more wholehearted, awakened existence waits just around the corner.

What could you do & who could you be if you were truly FREE?

Let's find out, together.



This coaching might be right for you if:

You are a young womxn and/or LGBTQ+-identifying person in your first half of life.

You are spiritually curious and/or sensitive in nature. You describe yourself as intuitive, introspective, creative, and empathetic. Some might call you an empath or a highly sensitive person. You are a deep thinker and feeler. All your life you've been told you're an old soul & mature for your age, and you've often felt slightly out of place because of it. You've always sought meaning, wisdom, & depth in your life.

You are trying to figure out your next steps in life, and you want them to be aligned with your full self & spirit. You are tentative but excited about shaking things up and living a life aligned with who you really are.

You seek a sense of alignment, aliveness, & (possibly) adventure, even if it means taking a risk. You've walked the straight and narrow before, and found it's not for you. The road less traveled is calling, even if you don't know what it will look like.

You've done some healing work on yourself before and you are ready for more. You’re curious about the mind-body connection and feel called to listen to your heart, body, and spirit, even if you don't yet know how, or what they'll say.

​You want to inhabit your WHOLE self, and be fully seen and supported for all that you are-- not just the parts that are pretty, neat, or accepted by those around you. You're tired of seeking approval and putting other people's opinions before your own. You seek liberation from all the patterns, limitations, and habits that have kept you small. You want to feel fulfilled & free. You are ready to inhabit your true nature... & now is the time.

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"Aubree is a wise, caring, and insightful coach who helped me gain clarity with my goals, feelings, and actions. She utilizes a playful and gentle approach to coaching, which, through curiosity and experimentation, promotes organic growth and understanding, rather than coercion or 'fake it till you make it' techniques I had encountered with other professionals. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her and I frequently recommend her to my friends when they are conflicted or stagnant."

Athena in California, USA

"I highly recommend Aubree as a life coach! Her presence and intuition, combined with powerful questioning helped bring me clarity and alignment in my being as well as my actions. Thank you Aubree."

Isabelle in Quebec, Canada

"I have been working with Aubree for a few months now. She is not simply a "coach" but an attentive ear, source of reflection, and helpful instigator as I evaluate, reconnect, and reconstruct my dreams and aspirations. I'm grateful to have her assistance as I seek out new paths for my life that are purposeful and fulfilling."

Ashanti in California, USA

"Aubree is a deeply intuitive and intelligent coach. She walks side-by-side with clients with a perfect balance of compassion, curiosity, and accountability."

Mary in Hawaii, USA



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