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Old Souls-- Young in age, Wise in Spirit

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

By Aubree Brown

The people I coach are typically young in age, but older and wiser in spirit. And I am too. I remember thinking from a very young age, that I felt more like a forty year old woman than a child. And at 27, I've only gotten closer and closer to feeling like my own age. It's a joy, but it used to make me feel out of place-- like a stranger to my culture.

So let's talk "aging into your personality" (a term I got from Nick on New Girl ).

From my perspective:

-I've never felt like I fit in with people my age, though I was really good at blending in and playing the part (sometimes I could fool myself). -Partying was never quite my thing, nor were many other typical interests of my peers. -I was always called 'an old soul' or mature for my age. I often enjoyed talking with parents at birthday parties as much as with my friends. ... And though much of this can be explained by being an introvert and highly sensitive, I think there's more to it than that. A long time ago my mom hired a tarot card reader for an annual holiday party. I wasn't at the party-- I was off traveling during my gap year. But when my mom asked the woman about me, she recalls being told that I am a "seeker". Though, for some this sounds like Harry Potter reference (a position I'd happily take), it meant a lot more to me than it did to my mom when I heard it. It was a word for something I'd felt my entire life. Seeking. I am someone who craves depth, meaning, and wisdom. Superficiality or facade feels like scratchy, tight jeans to me. Though I'm not a monk and I love comedy, silliness, & fun, my life path has taken a more contemplative, spiritual turn... and I love it. I feel at home here in healing & spiritual spaces, with people who are also seeking similar things. Because of my 'unusual' interests, I am usually the youngest person at most of theses gatherings-- spiritual, professional, or otherwise, but that's ok. Because I feel at home & that's my path. I believe you don't have to act your age. I think for most people that means acting eternally young, but for me it means acting pretty middle-aged with no shame. I live a pretty quiet life, and that's ok. Being an old soul is pretty great.

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